Meat Industry
Globally, more than 23,000,000 buffaloes are killed for human consumption each year.1

Farra do Boi
Farra do Boi is one of the most overwhelming displays of human cruelty and indifference towards the suffering of non-human animals. During this "festival", hundreds of oxen are tortured and murdered in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, which may take place to "celebrate" New Year's Day, Easter, birthdays, weddings, or other events. Farra do Boi begins by starving the oxen and then chasing them through the town streets. The torture lasts for days and includes burning, breaking horns and legs, cutting off tails, gouging eyes, hitting, beating, and stabbing. An oxen must live until the final day of Farra do Boi when he or she is finally killed. Afterward, the body is divided amongst participants and eaten.

In the United States, approximately 750 bison and 90 musk oxen were killed by human hunters in 1989.2

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